private reception in a noble collection

 ... an unforgettable experience high above Austria's beaten tracks


  • tour and tea with Count Carl Philip Clam

Count Clam Martinic shows you around Clam Castle and invites you to his drawing room. Duration: about 70 minutes     


 € 25,-- / Person



  • walking lunch

served in the Renaissance courtyard or in the main ancestors gallery

2 hot courses and desert served as "finger food" including drinks and a guided tour by the Count Clam himself

min. 15 persons


€ 65,--/ Person



  • dinner

served in the historical dining room.

3 courses (main course e.g. roe deer from the Clam county) including drinks, coffee and a guided tour by the Count Clam himself


Approx. € 150,--/Person (depending on choice of menu)



  • private receptions Clam Castle & Castle Arstetten

by the Count of Clam and the Princess of Hohenberg including welcome drinks and guided tours.


Please contact us for more details!