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inner court yard
inner court yard

Perched majestically on a hill high above the Danube Valley, Clam Castle in Upper Austria is surrounded by gentle undulating hills. It is, first and foremost, a much-loved family home and has been lived in continuously by the Counts of Clam since 1454. 


Be our guest! Follow in the footsteps of our ancestors and gain better insight into life in a medieval castle as you learn about the history of the Counts of Clam who have been living here for over 550 years.


Stroll through the halls and admire our outstanding private collection of antiques, paintings, porcelain and armory. Enjoy the homely atmosphere behind these massive granite walls, which bear witness to a long history. Your tour starts in the three-story inner courtyard, then continues on through the pharmacy, the Gothic chapel and the armory, ending in the residential apartments of the Counts of Clam, where you will find a large collection of fine 18th century furniture.



court yard Clam castle
3-storied court yard