Exclusive Private Reception

An unforgettable experience high above Austria's beaten tracks


On arrival, your host, Count Carl Philip Clam, will welcome you and personally show you around the most beautiful rooms in his castle. Each private visit is individually designed, leading you through the living quarters and also revealing secret spots.


Who could tell you more about this remarkable place and its enthralling history than the 31st Lord of the castle himself? Enjoy the hospitality and the unique ambience as you listen to his stories and anecdotes.


  • Tour and tea with the Count

Join Count Clam as he personally shows you around Clam Castle.

Take up his invitation to indulge in a glass of Château Clam, a cup of tea or homemade grape juice in his very own drawing room. 



  • Walking Lunch

Served in the Renaissance courtyard or the main ancestral gallery.

Two hot meals and dessert served as finger food including drinks and 

a guided tour led by Count Clam himself.



  • Dinner

Served in the historical dining room.

Three courses (main course e.g. roe deer from Clam County) including 

drinks, coffee and a guided tour led by Count Clam himself.


Minimum of 20 guests, appointment required.


For further details and prices please ask our staff directly museum@burgclam.com