Association for preservation of Clam Castle

The association for preservation of Clam castle was founded in 2007. Since the Austrian government declared Clam Castle a monument of national interest the donor can deduct the donated amount from the income tax. (inside the European union)


We kindly ask you to support us with a donation.The non-profit organisation “Verein zur Erhaltung der Burg Clam“ registered in Austria under the ZVR-Number 056338790 as well as in the Netherlands under the ANBI-Number 823784915.


Please find the detailed annual report of the “Association for preservation of Clam castle” activities including the annual financial overview in the following link in the German section of our homepage. 


Annual report of the association.


Details and information about the association are stored under the ZVR number: 056338790 (central register of associations). The daily updated excerpt from the register of associations (composition of the board of directors, purpose of the association, addresses, etc.) can be accessed here: Excerpt from the register of associations.


  • Verein zur Erhaltung der Burg Clam
  • IBAN: AT173406800000038810
  • BIC: RZOOAT2L068