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Beer tour... our bestseller!


"Gräflich Clam'sches Burgbräu" since 1550. Learn about the Austrian brewing tradition and taste the sparkling result. Afterwards guided tour through the Castle.



€ 10,--/ person



High above the danube valley


Climb the 130 feet high medieval tower and enjoy the view to the alps, it's truly magnificent!


€ 13,-- /person

Behind the scenes


From the dungeon to the attic - explore the fascinating construction of the castle!



€ 13,--/ person

Gothic frescoes & guest rooms


Gain an insight to the splendidly furnished bedrooms and admire the gothic frescoes from the year 1360.                       


€ 13,--/ person

Medieval show


The highlight of your trip!

Watch the authentic sword fight and cheer for your favourite knight.



Optional feature, price: € 100,--

The admission fee includes a qualified guide and a tour through the castle.

Duration is between 70 - 80 minutes.